Kid’s own memory game

Children between 3 and 5 years old love memory games.  Board games in general are a great help to support children’s social skills, as they need to learn to wait for their turns, and to accept failure and victory.

2015-10-27 10.42.53This time I created a memory game in which children are the object of the cards. On one side we find the picture of the kid. On the other side we find the name of the kid.

Kids think it is very funny to find each other in the game, and at the same time they train on reading each other’s names.

In case that the group of kids you are teaching need more support than the written name to match the cards, add the watermark of their picture (that’s what I did in the example in the picture). It is common that kids that are three years old can recognize their own name but have difficulties to recognize their classmate’s names. A little help doesn’t hurt, and after a few months you can make it disappear and see what the kids think of that change.

And why not?! You can use real pictures of their own self portraits! You can print their names or they can write them themselves. Possibilities depend just on our objectives!