Approaching the written world

This is a great material we are using at out kindergarten to help children approach the “writing-world” by training with their own name. It helps them acknowledge every single letter in their name and at the same time it helps them develop the fine motor they need at this age.

2015-02-18 12.41.25 2015-02-18 12.41.19

Using this material is easy: we have a box with many pins with different letters. The vowels are marked in red.  Children can come to the box of pins and find the the ones with the letters of their name.

After using this material some other children suggested to have cards with other words, their favorite words they said. Here is the result:

2015-02-19 17.16.05

For those not speaking Swedish: Sol means sun, glass means  ice-cream and snöflinga means snowflake.

Which new words will we come up with?

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