Playing in the cube

Sometimes a simple structure can be the beginning of wonderful games.

10371384_712443945460676_7724972726930304638_nSome time ago we got a cube. A simple structure made of wood like the one in the picture. But what can we do with it?


The first thing that we did was to “dress” the cube with some nice fabrics and let it be in our classroom for some days. 2015-12-07 13.01.42

Kids assumed that it was a hut and started to bring baskets with food and toys to have picnics.

Many children wanted to take part in the game but the cube was not too big and there were usually conflicts about it. That’s why we came up with the idea that one could be involved in the game from the outside and we took out the overheads projector. Wow, what a change of game! Many kids could be involved without having to be in the same spot.

Also, experimenting with a projector and discovering how it works became a whole new experience!

2015-12-08 10.03.03 2015-12-08 10.01.00

The game in the cube also continued and got affected by the light changes in unexpected ways!

2015-12-08 10.01.26 2015-12-08 10.01.28 2015-12-08 10.01.29 2015-12-08 10.01.30