How do you say…?

Hi! I work in a Swedish preschool and lately we have come up with this idea: our kids speak different languages at home and often they like to talk about it with their friends. That’s why we have thought about these language cards, where you can read the word, identify the language (either by reading it or by looking at the flag), and scan the code in order to hear it or see the video showing how to sign.

screenshot-2017-02-12-15-43-43So far we have collected sound files of the word friend in Swedish, English,  Spanish, Icelandic, Persian, Japanese, Finish, Dutch, Arabic, Swedish Braille and Swedish sign language. These are the languages that are relevant in our school at the moment, but soon there will be more languages and maybe even more words!

If you want to free-download the whole document, click on the following link how-do-you-say

There are probably many ways to make these cards, but here is how I made them:

1. Record the word with the voice recorder you have in your phone. You can ask the parents of these kids or even the kids themselves! Send it to your own e mail.

2. Upload the files to Soundcloud

3. Make a QR code for each sound file. To do that, copy the address of one of the files and paste it in a QR Code Generator, under URL. Then save the code as a PNG file and use it as a picture.

4. If you want to add more words in the future, don’t forget to add Braille. You can get any word you need at Braille Translator and then, once you print it out, cover the dots with warm glue or silicone. This way, when it is dry you can feel he volume.