As strong as tractors

Kids in my group are fascinated by tractors and trucks, that’s a fact and that was a big part of why we chose to create Our Farm Project. Sometimes we go for walks and visit the working areas in our neighborhood and sometimes they want to watch youtube videos of tractors at work. So far, their favorite is this one:

We observed that kids were lifting up all kinds of things in the classroom, they were testing their strength and enjoyed making noises like these big machines do. Then we came up with the idea of crating a minigym-station where kids could experiment with strength, weights and physics. This is what we came up with:kindergartenhacks (7)Kids love the idea of lifting tanks of water and really understood the concept from the beginning:kindergartenhacks (3)Many times they like to call for each other  and ask for help and other times they like to try on their own. In any case, it is one of the most popular stations we have in our classroom at the moment!