Animal’s footprints

One big part of Our Farm Project has to do with a story we have started to work on. The story is called En ovanlig dag på Bondgården (An unusual day at the Farm) and it is about a rooster which sleep walks one night and gets lost and how the rest of his friends find him behind a bush. The animals work as a team and finally find the rooster’s trace looking at its footprints.

To work on the idea of footprint, the first we have done is to work with play doh and the animal figures we have in our farm-station in the classroom. Kids could experiment with different animals and  and observed the trace they left. kindergartenhacks (6)2016-02-16 14.54.46

Right after playing with the animals, the kids thought about the trucks we had and wanted to try them too… Do trucks leave a trace?

The next day we offered the kids to experiment with footprints with paint instead. The experience was quite parallel, they worked with the animals first and then asked for the trucks. The kids probably remembered the activity we did some months ago when we painted with cars exactly in this same way.kindergartenhacks (8)

We will keep on experimenting with footprints and prints in general and see where they lead us 😀 !